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Hi, and welcome to my website...if you're here, you are either working with me...thinking about working with me, or referred to me by one of our mutual friends. Thanks for stopping by.  One of my good friends told me one time "People need to be able to meet you before they meet you".  That's the purpose of this website. 

My practice is about as COMPREHENSIVE as it gets.  Here's what I mean by that: 

  • Many financial & insurance advisors focus strictly on investments, asset management, and maybe recommend insurance when it comes up in conversation.
  • Some focus strictly on the life insurance & disability programs they offer, and maybe recommend investments.
  • Some focus strictly on the home, auto & business insurance market, and maybe recommend other products.
  • Then there's the Internet and the "financial entertainers", where you can get all kinds of information on all of the above, and it falls to you to make a decision on your own.

More than likely, it was based on the lowest cost for insurance, or lowest fees & highest returns for investments, as that's how they market. Somehow the Internet & financial entertainers don't see much value in someone like me...funny how that works!

                In any case, lowest cost doesn't mean best plan...nor does lower fees mean higher returns.  Regardless of what you might be thinking, I can "stress test" your theory and 100% of the time validate that it could be improved.  Too many times, I find that I'm trying to do planning for people & they are doing math!

                Every client is different...from young professionals wanting my help and advice on the insurance for their first home and auto people in mid-life wondering what they need to do to have a more predictable rest of their lives...including retirement, investment & lifestyle planning.  No two clients are alike, and that makes for every day being a different day.  My Dad said " I never worked a day in my life...I just got up every morning, and went out and tried to help people"...and I am his living legacy.  

                Thanks for stopping the next step is up to you, and that's to either call me or email me...I would love the opportunity to learn more about you



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